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American labor in 2024 election

During COVID, corporations raked in massive profits; it can be argued that this led to

massive inflation due to their profiteering. None of these profits were translated into higher wages for workers, who were essential to maintaining American society and keeping us safe. That is why there has been a resurgence in American culture of a positive view of unions and organized labor. This renewed interest culminated with the president of the United States walking the picket line with the United Auto Workers, which resulted in an unprecedented contract that has set the bar for what American workers should be compensated for their efforts. 

Unions are central to protecting workers rights, restoring the middle class, and the Democratic victory in 2024. The Marshfield Democratic Town Committee is excited to support the Pembroke Democratic Time Committee as they host a forum on unions and politics. The special guest for the forum is AFL-CIO president Chrissy Lynch. She will discuss why organized labor matters in American politics and what initiatives the AFL-CIO is fighting for to make the lives of working-class voters' lives better. Rooms are limited, so please RSVP online.

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