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Kentucky's Governor

The South Shore Democratic Town Committees are hosting action parties this week

to help with the voter outreach effort to elect Gov. Beshear in Kentucky. On Wednesday, there is a phone bank party (Click here to RSVP.) and Friday there is a postcard party (Click here to RSVP.) Please RSVP to this event so that the committee can have enough contact sheets and refreshments for everyone that attends.

Andrew Graham Beshear (born November 29, 1977) is an American attorney and politician who has served as the 63rd governor of Kentucky since 2019. From 2016 to 2019, he served as the 50th attorney general of Kentucky. A member of the Democratic Party, he is the son of Steve Beshear, the 61st governor of Kentucky.

Kentucky is the most watched governor's race in the country. In this deep red state, the race is a complete deadlock. The Democratic incumbent is facing a mega-Republican endorsed by Trump, who is the Attorney General (AG) for Kentucky. He has used the power of the AG's office to persecute the LGBTQ community (Click here to see more details)and is one of 19 Republican attorney generals demanding access to out-of-state women's medical records. (Click here to see more details) Who could forget AG Cameron's lack of action in Breonna Taylor's killing?(Click here to see more details)

South Shore Democratic Town Committees are teaming up to host action parties dedicated to reaching out to voters and activists in battleground states. Committees are doing this via postcarding, texting, and calling voters in states where election races are close. Check out the action party list to find something that might interest you. (Click here to see the list.)

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