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No Place for Hate rally

Marshfield has always strived to be an inclusive and diverse community, which is why this July, the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee is hosting a rally called "No Place for Hate." On Saturday, 20th, at Dandelion Park in Marshfield Center, join your neighbors, advocates, and allies to celebrate diversity in our community.

We will be meeting in Dandelion Park to show support for inclusiveness and diversity by being visible in the Marshfield Center. The group will show support by being visible in the Marshfield Center with hand-made signs while waving to passersby for 2 hours. This is a great volunteer experience, and I guarantee you will feel better if you join us. 

You can also help by promoting the event in your network and inviting everyone you know. Please forward this email by sharing an invitation on social media, electronically, or by calling people to personally invite them. You can also request printed invites to be distributed in your neighborhood and to people you meet in person. 

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