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Do you know your Rep?

Marshfield has been redistricted at the state representative level. The town is now divided into two representative districts, the 4th and 6th Plymouth.

The board for the 4th Plymouth is made up of northwestern areas running along the South River to the coastline, down to Governor Winslow School, and over to Duxbury. The district includes precincts 1-3, 5-7. Patrick Kearney represented these precincts in Marshfield, along with parts of Norwell and Scituate.

The 6th Plymouth runs along the Duxbury/Pembroke borders, following Union St. to Forest St. to Plan St. (Rt. 139) to the center of town, and following Acorn St. to the Duxbury border. The district includes precincts 2a and 4. Josh Cutler represented these precincts in Marshfield, along with all of the Duxbury parts of Halifax, Hanson, and Pembroke.

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