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Free public transportation

Senator Ed Markey continues his Progressive podcast with special guest Representative Ayanna Pressley. In this podcast, they talk about free public transportation as part of the green new deal. The idea of free public transportation has a direct impact on Marshfield and could save its citizens thousands of dollars.

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Marshfield is a bedroom community in Boston, and the amount of money spent on commuting each day is ridiculous. Nobody likes sitting in traffic trying to drive to work in Boston. What if you could take the Greenbush train from Scituate to Boston every day for free? It wouldn't cost you anything to get to work; all that money you're wasting by sitting in traffic could be spent on something else. Even if you don't take the free public transportation and instead drive to work, there'd be less traffic, which means you'd be saving money too by not spending as much on gas. This is a bold idea that progressives are talking about and working to make a reality. 

Take a half hour out of your day to listen to two great progressives discuss ideas that can make our society better. Also, there's a quiz game at the end where Ed asks if the quote is from an oil executive or a movie villain. If you haven't heard Ed's other podcasts, you can click on the link to the YouTube video above or find it wherever you listen to podcasts. 


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