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  • Deborah J. Cornwall

Guns are Killing Machines, so Why do Private Citizens Need Them?

The state of Massachusetts has the lowest rate of gun violence and the fifth lowest rate of gun homicides in the country. Yet gun deaths still cost the state $3.5 billion each year. More than half of gun deaths here are suicides, and 42% are homicides. Two thirds of Mass homicides involve a gun.

In addition to deaths from guns, many people are injured by gun assaults and suicide attempts. According to Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, access to a gun doubles the risk of death by homicide and triples the risk of death by suicide. So rather than celebrating that we’re doing here better than most of the other states, what can we do to enact and advocate for even more common sense gun laws?

Common sense includes addressing the threat of untraceable, unregulated “ghost” guns, updating training and permitting requirements for firearm ownership, strengthening the prohibition on assault weapons here, encouraging gun safety technology, and improving data collection and analysis on guns and gun crimes so the public is more aware of the nature of our problems

Come learn about several laws that the Legislature is considering to modernize our gun laws and reduce the prevalence and misuse of these killing machines. On October 17, the Weymouth Town Democratic Committee is sponsoring a public forum on guns and on actions we can each take to advance such legislation. (RSVP online)

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