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Rashaan Hall talks to MDTC

Rashaan Hall was at the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee monthly organizing meeting on Saturday, November 4th. At the meeting, members had a great conversation with him about a wide range of subjects. The conversation started with Rashaan providing a brief introduction, talking about his campaign for Plymouth County District Attorney, and continuing on to have a great talk about his new role as head of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. (View on YouTube)

Running for DA

Rashaan Hall decision-making process for running Plymouth County District Attorney in 2022. In this video, he talks about his campaign for Plymouth County DA. Rashaan starts the conversation by recalling the "What a Difference a DA Makes" campaign and his decision-making process for running

Assessment of the 2022 campaign

Rashaan gives an assessment of the 2022 Plymouth County District Attorney race. He talks about the national backlash against progressive district attorneys and how it impacted his campaign.

Urban League history

Rashaan provides an overview of the 100-year history of the Urban League as a civil rights organization.

5 pillars of Urban League

Rashaan talks about the five pillars of the Urban League that inform national and local efforts. The five pillars are workforce development /entrepreneurship, health equity, housing, youth development, and justice.

Favorite Urban League stories

Russian talks about the experience of working with entrepreneurs and first-time business owners as being one of his favorite moments so far at the Urban League. He goes into the details of three stories of individuals who have been helped by the Urban League.

Bridgewater State University's(BSU) social justice mission

One of the founding principles of BSU is a dedication to social justice. In the past, Rashaan has had a working relationship with the principles at Bridgewater State University when he was at ACLU. He looks forward to working with Bridgewater State and other universities to develop internship programs and other educational opportunities. At this moment, there's no official relationship.

Immigrant services

Rashaan explains that, currently, the Urban League does not offer programs specifically focused on immigrant populations. The Urban League acts as a conduit to connect immigrants who are in need of services to the organizations that are providing programs that can help. He talks about the need for the Urban League to expand its footprint to make sure to include language capacity for the Cape Verdean, Haitian, and Central American populations.

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