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Spring outreach campaigns

The Marshfield Democratic Town Committee is doing outreach for the 2024 election campaign to Democratic households. There are two outreach campaigns: welcome voters and neighborhood outreach. The two campaigns use the same campaign literature but target different audiences. The purpose of the campaign literature is to inform Democratic voters about what the committee is doing, who the Democratic candidates are, and provide basic information about the upcoming election process. 

Welcome voter campaign

The welcome voter outreach campaign is a postal campaign reaching out to newly registered voters or those who have recently moved into Marshfield. The time period the committee is looking at is anyone who registered after 2022; this accounts for about 2,000 households. The volunteer activity for this campaign is address stamps and mailers. (Find out more)

Neighborhood outreach campaign 

The neighborhood outreach campaign is a neighbor-to-neighbor voter outreach effort. The goal of this campaign is to invite 50 Democrats from your neighborhood to the signature drive on April 6 at the Public Library. The committee has divided the town into neighborhoods of 50 households and created an invitation that is available as a trifold mailer, literature drop bifold, or electronic media format. The volunteer opportunity is to contact 50 of your neighbors by whatever method you feel comfortable with. (Find out more)

Bifold literature

Bi fold.png

The bifold literature is designed to be distributed in person in face-to-face meetings or left on voters' doors. The outside cover is an invitation to attend the upcoming signature On the back of the bifold is a description of civic engagement events. On the inside is a full list of democratic candidates running for office in Marshfield. 

(Download copy)

Trifold literature

Tri fold.png

The trifold is designed to be folded into an envelope-size mailer. The front of the mailer includes an address line, a stamp, and a list of upcoming elections, with the logo in the lower right corner. The back of the trifold is an invitation to the upcoming signature drive. The inside includes a description of the civic and political events. When fully unfolded, there is a list of Democratic candidates. The trifold comes in two styles, with either welcome voter or hello neighbor as the title on the cover fold.

(Download copy)

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