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Neighborhood Outreach

To remind Democratic voters to vote and promote civic engagement events (the Earth Day clean-up on April 27th and the blood drive for the American Red Cross on May 25th), the committee will be doing neighborhood outreach in Marshfield. For the outreach effort, the committee is recruiting volunteers to be neighborhood captains to run local outreach to voters. Each captain will be given a list of 50 Democrats that live in their neighborhood and a voter guide to distribute.


Please consider volunteering to be a captain for your neighborhood; this should take no more than 1 to 2 hours to complete. As the captain, you can distribute the voter guide however you want. The voter guide can be dropped off at neighbors' doors, mailed via postal service, or sent electronically. This type of outreach is the most effective in reminding people to vote. Please click the link to volunteer. (Click here to volunteer)

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