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Profile of Marshfield Food Pantry

The Marshfield Democratic Town Committee is organizing a food drive on Saturday, October 28, between 10 and 2 p.m. for the Marshfield Food Pantry, which is experiencing an exceptionally high number of families in our town dealing with food insecurity. The CEO of the Greater Boston Food Bank reports that in 2022, 33% of Massachusetts households will be food insecure.

This is an especially difficult time for Marshfield families, who are facing record high food prices that are 20% higher than 2 years ago, the end of pandemic-era supplemental assistance, and new and more difficult federal work regulations, all at the time of year when families hope to celebrate the upcoming holidays with loved ones. Please join the Marshfield Democrats in helping our neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity by collecting non-perishable food items for the Marshfield food pantry.

Marshfield has one of the best food pantries in the state. If you haven't had a chance to visit, here's a quick overview. Our food pantry, which was started by two people 35 years ago in a garage, is now located in a bright, spacious store behind the Ventress Library and served 287 families last month. Any Marshfield family can come once every month to the pantry, which is open two mornings and one evening a week, and choose anything they need. The pantry has several large freezers where people can select frozen meats, fruits, and vegetables; several large refrigerators for holding perishable produce, cheese, eggs, etc.; and aisles filled with non-perishable items, personal care items, fresh produce, bread, and baked goods. Last year, the pantry handed out 150 tons of food during 3,200 patron visits.

The help the Marshfield Food Pantry provides comes from many sources and is supported by a dedicated group of volunteers that make everyone feel welcome. The food pantry purchases about half of its food from the Boston Food Bank with its cash donations. The Marshfield community is incredibly generous with their support of the pantry. Star Market donates gift cards for pantry patrons; local grocery stores donate items like frozen turkeys; and individuals drop off food donations and donate cash. The annual US Postal Drive collected 20,000 pounds of food this year in Marshfield’s one-day drive. Many churches and local organizations hold special events to raise money for the pantry. Simple Gestures, which has been in existence for 7 years, collected 144,000 pounds of food from its donors this year during 4 collection drives. The addition of an October food drive by the Democratic Town Committee will be much appreciated and needed.

How you can help

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