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Meet Stacey Borden 

Stacey Borden is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor’s Council District 4. 

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Born and raised in Boston, Stacey is the founder and Executive Director of New Beginnings Reentry Services, Inc. (NBRS) As a formerly incarcerated individual herself, Stacey understands, firsthand, the lack of resources for incarcerated women suffering from past trauma and injustices within prison. She has devoted herself to becoming an advocate for women suffering from domestic & sexual violence.  

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Marshfield Voting Plan.png

Marshfield Voting Plan

The single biggest threat to a Biden/Harris victory is Democratic supporters not voting on Election Day. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is every time you meet somebody who supports the Biden/Harris ticket. Ask them what their plan is for voting. A top study of voter turnout showed that when people think about how they are going to vote, they are more likely to do it. To help with this, the Marshfield DTC has created an easy-to-use plan guide that you can use to foster a positive discussion with Democratic supporters.

Marshfield has been redistricted.

Redistrict map (1).png

Marshfield is in Plymouth County as part of the ninth congressional district of Massachusetts and the State Senate District of Plymouth and Norfolk. The change occurred at the state representative level. The town is now divided in half, with the northern precincts being represented by Patrick Kearney of the fourth Plymouth( Precincts 1-3, 5-7), and the southern district being represented by Josh Cutler of the sixth Plymouth (Precincts 2A and 4).

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